ClickFunnels Order Form Step

Order form steps serve as checkout platforms for your funnels. In this article, we’ll go over how to set up an order form step and why it is a critical step for your sales funnels.

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Step 1: Add An Order Form Step To Your Funnel:

Important Note: All Sales funnels created using the Cookbook will have the necessary funnel steps already added. However, if you are building your funnel from scratch, we have included the steps for the manual process here. See Steps below.


1. Locate the Sales funnel or funnel you wish to add an order form step to and click on its name.

2. Click + Add New Step.


3. Add the Name Of Funnel Step.

This is for your internal reference only and won’t be visible to your customers/leads.


4. Toggle Show In Funnel? to Yes.

If this switch is set to No, the step will be added to the Other Funnel Steps instead of being added to the funnel steps sequence.

5. (Optional) Add a Path name for the funnel step

If this field is left blank, the system will assign a random unique path to the funnel step.

6. Click to Create Funnel Step

7. Hover over Sales from the top menu.


8. Click Order Form.

9. Hover over the template you wish to use, and click + Select Template.

You can preview the funnel step by clicking on Preview.


Important Note: When choosing a pre-made order form step template, the page will already include the required elements for it to work as intended.

Required Elements For An Order Form Step

The elements that are REQUIRED within an order form page are:

1. Product selector element
2. Credit Card element
3. Email Address input element
4. Button set to submit order/form


Important Note: While using Paypal as a payment gateway, the CC element and the Submit button will be replaced by the Paypal Checkout button automatically

Optional Elements For An Order Form Step

Within the page editor, you also have some other optional elements that can be added to your order form step to customize your checkout process.

For example:

1. Apple/Android Pay
2. Product with variation selector
3. Order Bump
4. Product summary

Using A 2-Step Order Form

You also have the ability to choose between a simple order form page like the one shown in the screenshot above or you can create a 2-Step Order Form, by following these steps:

1. From within the Page Editor, click on Elements.


2. Select Add Element.


3. Click and drag the 2 Step Order over to your page.


Important Note: When using the 2 - Step Order Form element, keep in mind it already includes all the required elements for the page to collect payments.


 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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