ClickFunnels 2.0 Pricing

We are all very excited about the public launch of ClickFunnels.

What is the pricing for ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels will have three pricing tiers Basic, Pro, or Platinum Plan. Limited launch time FunnelHacker Plan will also be available. The subscriptions can be purchased Monthly or Annually.

Current Pricing During the Launch Period

Basic Prices are $147 monthly or $127 a month on the annual plan.

Pro Prices are $197 monthly or $157 a month on the annual plan.

FunnelHacker (Limited Time Offer) Prices are $497 monthly or $208 a month on the annual plan.

Monthly Plans:



Annual Plans:




What is considered a "website"?
A website is considered a workspace inside of your 2.0 account and more broadly is one "business" that you are running in your account. For the lower tier plans, you will get one workspace or "website" as we call it, while the Funnel Hacker plan allows you to have three workspaces and run three different businesses from the account. 
What is considered a "funnel"?
A funnel is a flow of pages that you are running customers through in order to purchase a product or opt into a service. You have unlimited funnels inside of our highest plan but are limited to a specific amount on lower-tier plans. You can always archive funnels if you are reaching limits. 
What is considered a "course"?
A course is an education portal that students either opt into or purchase from a funnel that includes modules and lessons. You can automatically enroll students through workflows inside of 2.0 but are limited in the number of total courses that you can create inside of an account. The number of total students that you can have inside of an account for those courses is also limited based on your plan tier. Students are considered any of those that are enrolled in any one of the courses that you have created.

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