Funnel Launch Checklist

The Funnel Launch Checklist is included in each funnel to provide an overview of the entire setup prior to launching your funnel. In this article, we will go over the Funnel Launch Checklist page.


The icons next to the titles on the page will be green if the step/requirement is complete or gray if it’s not complete. Every funnel is different; therefore, the Funnel Launch Checklist will display differently based on the types of steps in the funnel.


Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Step 1: Access The Funnel Launch Checklist page

In your funnel dashboard, click on the Launch Checklist button at the top of your funnel step list to access your launch checklist.

Step 2: Customize the Look of Your Funnel

1. If you wish to customize your pages, click the Customize Template button next to the step you wish to customize.

2. Click the EDIT PAGE button to open the page editor. 


 Step 3: Register a Custom Web Address


1. You can select a domain or subdomain from the dropdown list and click on Save

2. If you don’t have a domain or subdomain, click Add/Edit Domains.

3. A new tab will open where you can add your domain or subdomain to ClickFunnels.

For more information on custom domains, please review this article: Adding Your Custom Domain to ClickFunnels.


Step 4: Secure with SSL

Ensure the domain is secured with an SSL certificate.  For more information on securing your domain inside of ClickFunnels, please review this article: SSL Troubleshooting.


Step 5: Decide Where to Store Your Leads (optional)


If you have already added your email integration to your page, you will see a green checkmark, and you will have the option to Edit Email Integration


If you have not set up your email integration, you will not see a green checkmark and you will see a blue button that reads Add Email IntegrationFor more information on adding an email integration, please review this article, Add An Autoresponder To Your Funnel Page.


Step 6: Set Up Payment Processing

From the Launch Checklist, click on Manage Payment GatewaysFor more information on payment gateways, please review this article: Payment Gateway Integrations.


Step 7: Add Your Products

If you don't have any products yet, click Add More Products to be taken to the product page of your order step.  To set up your products, please review these help documents: 

For a one-time purchase product: Create A One-Time Product for Your Payment Gateway.

For a subscription product: Create A Subscription Product.


Step 8: Launch and Share With the World

You are now ready to share your funnel; you can do so by simply clicking on the different social media buttons. There is no green checkmark for this step, as the funnel can be shared as many steps as needed. Thus, this step cannot be completed due to the possibility of having a funnel shared many times.


If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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