How to Keep Your Clickfunnels Transactional and Marketing SMTP In Good Shape and Avoid Service Interruption

Learn how to get emails to pass spam filters and email firewalls to help you keep your SMTP reputation in good shape and avoid service interruption.

In order to circumvent SMTP blacklisting, make sure you abide by the guidelines of email sending. Even proper (seasoned) marketers who have permission from their list to receive their emails get marked as spam. In this guide, we will go over key methods to avoid this.

Prior to getting started, you will need the following:

Important Note: CAN-SPAM Compliance ; is an effective law that governs whether your email communication is legal or illegal communication considered unsolicited spam. When sending receipts or responding to customers' inquiries, you do not have to worry about CAN-SPAM however, with all other communication and emails, you will want to ensure that you follow the rules.

Knowing and Understanding the Key Aspects Of the CAN-SPAM Compliance

1. Never utilize misleading headers from names, subject lines, or reply-to emails.

  • If your email is going to be providing a "Quote of the Day," be sure that it is actually doing so.
  • If your name or business name is one thing, be sure that it is consistent in all your communication.
  • Your customers should be able to "reply" to your communication.
  • Be Authentic.

2. Always provide an unsubscribe link

  • In your SMTP Footer, there is a space for you to add an unsubscribe link; this is very important to set it up. Here is a sample of what the footer should look like. In place of Company Name and 123 Address, City, State, Zip, enter your real information.
<center><p>Company Name | 123 Address, City, State, Zip | 9876543210</p>
<p><a href="#UN_SUB#">Unsubscribe</a></p></center>

3. The unsubscribe link must work for somewhere around 30 days in the wake of sending an email.

4. Incorporate your physical address.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Being Classified as SPAM

  • Avoid using spam trigger phrases such as "Click here!", "Profit for you", or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!
  • Don't overuse exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
  • UTILIZING ALL CAPS (specifically in the subject line).
  • Avoid the use of yellow or bright red font colors.
  • Do not provide unsolicited content.
  • Utilizing a careless HTML code (more often than not in the wake of replicating content from a Microsoft Word/Doc record).
  • Sending one major picture with almost no content.
  • Sending to users who have not interacted with you in a significant amount of time. These are typically recipients who have not engaged with your campaigns via opening or clicking. Recipient interaction is an important factor in ensuring that emails make it into their inbox. When an ISP sees low engagement rates, it will likely start to filter the campaigns to the recipient's spam folder. At that point, they will block the domain and IP address used to send the campaigns.
  • Sending to old email lists. By and large, authorization is legitimate for around a half year (6 months from opting in), so on the off chance that you have not messaged your list inside that time allotment, you'll have to request a re-subscription.

Use A Confirm Opt-In Method, aka Double Opt-In

  • You can learn about this method here .

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Resources Used For The Creation Of This Guide: Blog written by Julia D At GlockApps , Comm100 by Kevin CEO and Founder

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