Group Tags

Learn about Group Tag functionality within ClickFunnels. You would use Group Tags to organize/segment Email Lists, Follow-Up Funnels, Broadcasts, and Funnels on your funnel dashboard. 

Group Tags for Funnels

Organize your funnels into groups to better segment your funnel dashboard.  Funnel tags are searchable by using the drop-down button in the search field.  A funnel can be searched from within the tagged funnel group, or the whole group can be displayed.

When creating your funnel, you can assign a tag to the funnel.

You can also add a tag to a funnel in the Funnel's Settings area:

Group Tags For Email Lists

Email lists with a group tag assigned to them will be sorted into easily visible groups.  Click the group name to reveal the email lists with the group tag assigned to them.

You can assign a Group Tag to an email list when the list is first created or by editing the Group Tag area in the email list's settings.


Group Tags For Follow-Up Funnels

Your Follow-up Funnels can also be grouped by assigning a Group Tag when creating the Follow-up Funnel.  Tags can be added or changed later.



Group Tags For Broadcasts

Similar to Follow-up Funnels, you can create groups to segment your broadcasts into by applying a Group Tag in the broadcast's Settings area when creating the broadcast.  You can also add a Group Tag later.




If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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