Setup a email double opt-in confirmation process

Learn about the email double opt-in confirmation process. A double opt-in process confirms a user wants to receive follow-up messages from you and can help cut down on bounces (for invalid email) & spam complaints.

Prior to getting started, you will need the following: 

Important Note: If you are using a third-party autoresponder to set up the double opt-in process, please reach out to your third-party autoresponder for instructions.


General Set-Up Overview

  1. Opt-In page (collect email) > Collect email, add Contact to General Subscribers email list, then send them a verification email via Follow-Up Funnel.
  2. Thank you page > Which tells them to check their email.
  3. In Follow Up Funnel's Email Messenger Email > Add ClickOptIn Link To Text or Button.
  4. On the Confirmation page (confirm email) > add them to a confirmed subscriber email list.
  5. Confirmation Thank You page > Tell them they have successfully opted in.

Step 1: Creating Your Double Opt-in Funnel

  1. Create an opt-in funnel (an Opt-in Page and a Thank You Page).
  2. Add a Confirmation Page (using an Opt-in page template).
  3. Add a Confirmation Thank You Page (using a Thank You page template).

The final list of funnel steps should look like this:


Important Note:  Your confirmation page needs an input form set to email and a button set to submit the form.  Your subscribers will not see the contents of the Confirmation page, so you can leave it as a base template.


Step 2: Create Two Email Lists (General Subscribers and Confirmed Subscribers). 

Instructions on how to create an email list can be found HERE.

Add Email Lists to the Correct Pages

  1. Use the on-page integration settings to add contacts who have opted-in to the General Subscriber's email list using these instructions.
  2. Repeat step 1 using the Confirmation Page and the Confirmed Subscribers email list.

Step 3: Create a Confirmation Email for your General Subscribers

  1. Create a Follow-up Funnel
  2. Assign the General Subscriber's Email List to the Follow-up Funnel
  3. Create A Follow-up Funnel Email Messenger step.
  4. Get ClickOptIn Link of the Confirmation Page. You can learn about ClickOptin HERE.

    Important Note: Choose 'Custom' as the Email Service Provider

  5. In the Follow-up Funnel your email will need the ClickOptin Link added to a button or text for your subscribers to click on.

    Upon clicking the link or button in their confirmation email subscribers will be taken to the Confirmation page and upon the page loading will be added to your Confirmed Subscriber's list.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 


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